iPhone 6 Plus Electroplated Glass Screen Protector by Fugetek® Premium Tempered Glass

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Constructed from the best Japanese Asahi Glass; A Japanese Nippa optical adhesive; to ensure the truest HD transparency available [Electroplated processed glass], better visual look and feel than oil-coated glass; considerably more durable and resilient 0.3mm True HD Glass; hardness up to 9H, Incread Protection for your Retina Screen from scratches and drops Precisely cut and polished to manufacturer specs with curved, rounded edges (2.5D); Quick and easy bubble-free installation Please note: Due to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens having curved edges, our screen protectors do not cover to the edge of the screen. If the screen protector did go to the edge, it would peel over time resulting in a temporary solution. If you prefer an extra level of protection, we suggest using the screen protector in conjunction with an iPhone case. This will provide full coverage for your iPhone.