Lonestar Biometric Time Clocks

Lonestar Biometric Time Clocks
Industry leading technology in time & attendance management. An outstanding value in the Biometric Time Clock market.

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The EM Proximity Card for the LS-838 / LS-618

Product no.: 3

$0.95 *
Old price $1.75

The EM Key-Chain Card for the LS-838 & LS-618 Time Clock

Product no.: 4

$1.59 *
Old price $2.25
In stock

Lonestar LS-838 Tech Support (1 Year)

Product no.: 28

$120.00 *
In stock

Lonestar LS-838 Fingerprint Time Clock Mounting Bracket

Product no.: 2[1]

$7.95 *
Old price $14.99
In stock
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