Selfie Stick Support - Accessory Help

 Every Fugetek Selfie Stick Comes With A Comprehensive Set Of Accessories.




So You Got Your New Fugetek Selfie Stick....

What Are These Accessories??


NEW - 2 Removable Interchangeable Mounts + 1 Mirror Attachment

1 One Spring Loaded Mount - Quick release spring mount allows you to attach your device quickly and securely.

1 One Screw Tight Mount - Now you can tighten the mount on your phone and lock it with the thumb screw mount. No slippage or drops for heavier devices!

1 One Mirror Mount - No need to look at phone screen. Can use phone's rear HD camera!
Snap mirror attachment on to back of spring loaded mount, and you're ready to go.


1 USB Bluetooth Charger - For charging of bluetooth remote.

1 Carrying Bag - Great for taking your selfie stick on the go.

1 Revised Manual With Photo Tips
















Here is a video describing what each of the mounts are used for.