Projector Support

Projector Support

The FG-857 has a new firmware update. The update addresses a red hue in the images that customers have been experiencing. The update can be downloaded below. Simply download the file to a flash drive, plug the flash drive into the projector's USB port.

Go to MENU > SOFTWARE UPDATE > YES. The update will install. You will restart the projector at that time.

Click Link HERE To Download Update



FG-857 Common Troubleshooting Tips:


Q: The Image is blurry.

A: To get a good clear image make sure that you are in room where the image looks clear, adjust the focus (front of projector) and keystone (side of projector) to your preference.

Q: I can't get an image on the projector.

A: When using different inputs, make sure you are also switching the source on the projector as well, if image doesn't come up the input board may have an issue. Computer inputs are able to be seen on the computer itself. Unless using a desktop.

Q: The fan seems kind of loud.

A: The fan is somewhat loud, but should not be loud enough where it is distracting and/or a problem.


Q: I can't watch chromecast.

A:  Depending on the device being used with the projector a HDCP Spliter is needed. For example (chromecast, amazon fire stick and devices that are hdcp incompatible). These will require a HDCP Spliter.


Q: The remote does not work.

A:  When the remote is not working properly make sure that you are pointing it directly at the front of the unit. If problem persists, replace batteries. If the remote is still not working, you may have a defective remote.  If so, conatact us, we will send you a replacement.


Q: The image looks distorted.

A: If the image looks like a trapezoid or at a weird angle, make sure that the projector is directly pointing at the wall, not at an angle. You can adjust the focus and keystone also to compensate.



FG-637/647/857 Projector Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Connecting Video Sources to Fugetek FG-637/DG-737
To change the video input source on the projector, press AV/TV on the remote and use the arrow keys to highlight the desired video source. Then press the Menu button to select the new source. To change the volume of the projector press and hold either the left or right arrow keys on the remote.

Cool Down Period
Press the power button twice to shut down a FG/DG projector. Please note that the FG/DG projectors require a 4-5 minute cool down period before they can be restarted. After the projector is shut down its cooling fans will continue to run for 4-5 minutes before they automatically shut off. Allowing the fans to run after shutdown will prolong the functional life of your projector.

Inevitably dust will build up inside any LCD projector. We recommend removing the top of the case (8 philips screws must be removed from the bottom of the unit to open the case) and using compressed air to clean the inside of the projector every 5 months to prevent excessive dust accumulation.

Screen Size, Aspect Ratio, and Brightness
Remember that with FG/DG projectors the size of the image is in direct proportion to how far back the projector is from the surface. The unit will throw am image with about 10 inches of screen size per 1 foot of distance from the surface.
FG-637 projectors have a 4:3 aspect ratio (full screen). FG-647 projectors can be set to 16:9 (widescreen) or 4:3 (full screen).
Generally DG projectors do not run at their peak brightness. We recommend only using a FG/DG projector in a room where the overhead lights will be turned off while the projector is in use. FG/DG projectors can be used outdoors but only at night after the sun has gone down.

Replacing Fuses
Every FG/DG projector comes with a spare fuse. If your projector is unresponsive the first thing to do is unplug it and replace the fuse with the backup. The fuse compartment is in the back of the projector precisely above the power input and below the power switch. The compartment is best removed with a flathead screwdriver. Once removed the fuses (small glass cylinders) can be swapped out. The exposed fuse is the one currently in use and the enclosed fuse is the backup. Check for burning or scarring on the exposed fuse. A burned fuse must be replaced for the projector to power up.