DLP Pico Projector Support

DLP Pico Projector Support

Here are some tips on getting started with the Fugetek FG-957 DLP PICO Video Projector.


- Hold the remote or projector power button down for a second, the unit will start.

- The unit can be used off of ac or battery.

- The unit needs to be turned on in order to charge. If unit is turned off, it will not charge.

- The unit has to be level for viewing, if not, the image will have a trapezoid look.

- There is no keystone on the unit.

- The focus is on the right hand side, close to the lens.

- You can use external audio by plugging a aux cable into (av/headphones) jack. You can then use powered external speakers for sound.

- It takes close to 4 hours for the projector to be fully charged.

- There is no indicator when the unit is fully charged.

- Remote sensor is on the back of the unit.

- The unit can also be used as a power bank. Make sure the unit is turned ON. Plug a USB cable into the unit and the other end into you phone. Charging will begin.

- Files from a mobile phone can be accessed, however the phone itself cannot be projected without a special cable.

- Plug and Play with Chromecast


Here is a video with some quickstart tips.



For other troubleshooting questions, please call 713-787-9350 (mon-fri 9-6pm central)